Elin Wrammerfors

Elin is a leadership consultant at Amrop Stockholm and works predominantly together with David Schain, Partner & Chartered Psychologist focusing on Leadership Services. Elin’s main focuses are Management Team Development projects, Board Evaluations, Leadership Assessments and 360-evaluations. Elin also holds the position of Project Manager in Amrop’s Global Board Services Practice Group and is GDPR responsible at the Stockholm office.

Previous Experience
Before Elin joined Amrop in 2017 she studied Human Resource Development and Labour Relations at Lund University. She also conducted one year of Sociology studies, with excellent results, at UCLA. She has widespread experiences from the service sector and worked as a bank teller, at one of the most reputable banks in Sweden, during her studies.

Elin holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Development and Labour Relations, with a major in Education, from Lund University. In extension to this, she has studied Sociology at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and German at Lund University.