The Way We Work

At Amrop Stockholm, we put highest possible emphasis on our clients, candidates and colleagues to ensure high quality processes. We strive to be at the top in our line of work and to be our clients’ first choice by always finding ways to deliver the best results, and by continuously challenging ourselves to stay up to date in an ever-evolving world. We take great pride in the clients we work with, the assignments we have completed and the relationship with our candidates; past, current or future.

In this article we lay out the guiding principles that form the foundation on which we perform our assignments and the way we conduct ourselves – our core values. Although we already know them by heart and live by them every single day, we believe it is important to share them with you.

Ethics: At Amrop Stockholm, we are transparent and honest with our customers and candidates, and we avoid any conflicts of interest by respecting our off-limit provisions. We have clear contracts and agreements and always handle personal and corporate information with care. We are committed to maintaining highest level of integrity and we guarantee confidentiality when the relationship so requires.  

Curiosity: We are curious and interested in thoroughly understanding the needs and wishes of our customers and candidates. We are always open to new ideas of improvements, we review and evaluate our internal routines, and we actively seek information to continuously develop our core competencies and business. We also have a genuine interest in our colleagues' ideas and thoughts.

Inclusion: At Amrop Stockholm, diversity, in all its flavours, is a natural part of our processes, and it is thoroughly assessed during, and after, each completed assignment. We treat everyone with respect and appreciation, and work inclusively with the whole team taking advantage of the vast pool of knowledge at our disposal. We have a close cooperation with the global network of Amrop offices -both when it comes to carrying out common assignments, as well as for helping and  advising on local matters.

Agility: We are proud that our structure enables tailored processes to meet customer needs and wishes. We value our comprehensive industry and candidate knowledge and experience, which enables us not only to act outside the box, but to adjust ourselves to the specifics and needs of the situation at hand. We dare to walk into the unknown and look forward to learning in any given situation.

Caring: We care about all our customers and candidates, regardless of how far they go in the process. We are ready to find and follow candidates who are on their way up on the career ladder, but also support and find new opportunities for those who are in between jobs. We highly value giving constructive feedback to customers and candidates, as well as receiving and giving it to each other.

Excellence: At Amrop Stockholm we strive to always do our utmost -no matter the size or profile of the given assignment. We believe in a holistic work ethic that is transparent and clear to everyone involved. We strive to always evaluate our processes, learn from them and continually improve. We pride ourselves in taking responsibility for our placed candidates, as well as for our customers, and to reconnect and follow up long after the process has been completed.